UV Technology for Efficient Disinfection

Advanced Air Hygiene Ltd is one of Europe’s leading specialists in the disinfection of Air, Product and Surfaces utilising Ultra Violet Light in the C spectrum and Advanced Oxidation Technology. We design and manufacture systems that will increase the shelf life and reduce the spoilage in Food Processing and Storage. Our solutions are installed in Heating and Ventilation Systems to improve the health and performance of personnel and increase the efficiency of HVAC equipment.

UV-C Technology Increases Shelf Life of Food

Demands for increased freshness and longer shelf life of produce are constantly increasing.

Air Hygiene plays a key role in the longevity and food safety of raw materials and products because micro-organisms that cause spoilage and food poisoning are able to spread easily via the air causing contamination. The disinfection systems from Advanced Air Hygiene provide an efficient remedy to this problem.

Advanced Air Hygiene UV-C air hygiene solutions to all industries including air disinfection systems to prevent health issues and surface disinfection systems to prevent food contamination and spoilage. These air hygiene solutions are designed for all types of industries across the UK and Internationally.

A ‘Cure’ for sick building syndrome

Sick building syndrome may be successfully treated by installing ultraviolet lights in ventilation systems, researchers have said read more.


UV-C effective in hospital infection control

Research presented at IDWeek 2012 showed that a specific spectrum of Ultraviolet light killed certain drug-resistant bacteria on the door handles, bedside tables and other surfaces of hospital rooms, suggesting a possible future weapon in the battle to reduce hospital-associated infections.