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Air Coat is used in the baking industry as a protection ventilation cover against bacteria, mould and other micro-organisms. Air Coat is a protection ventilation product for conveyor belts in the baking industry and prevents the build up of micro-organisms such as fungi, mould and bacteria which is the main cause of health risks in staff and the spoilage of food. Visit Advanced Air Hygiene for more air hygiene products and solutions.

Protective ventilation for conveyor belts in the baking industry

In the production of bakery products, contamination with micro-organisms that accelerate spoilage (mainly moulds) primarily occurs after the baking process. To a great extent these come directly from the ambient air whilst the bakery products are cooling down and during packaging. The products often cool down on conveyor belts where they are exposed to the ambient air without protection. If the conveyor belt is enclosed and at the same time supplied with disinfected air, air contamination is practically ruled out. The air is supplied via an air channel system – a protective fabric casing over the conveyor belt. The textile channel system is made of AIRTEX Bioactive fabric and has an anti-microbial effect thanks to nano-silver that is firmly integrated in the fibre matrix. The room air containing airborne germs no longer has any contact with the product. A further advantage is that the heat dissipates directly downwards which prevents condensation from forming.

The textile air distribution system called air coat is easy to put up with quick-release fasteners which enable simple handling for cleaning and access to the conveyor belt at all times. Furthermore, inspection openings are provided at certain intervals that allow easy access to the conveyor belt. The air supplied is pre-treated in an air conditioning unit so that the contamination of the air by micro-organisms is reduced by up to 99.9 %. The air is treated by filtering it in accordance with standard VDI 6022 and subjecting it to UV-C radiation on a wavelength of 253.7 nm. On this wave length micro-organisms such as moulds, yeasts and bacteria are safely destroyed and viruses are inactivated. The air is either purified recirculation air or fresh air.

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