Air Disinfection Systems

Air Purifier Equipment and Disinfection Systems using UV Light

Air disinfection systems are deployed where there is a risk of contamination by airborne micro-organisms such as germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses. These can trigger health problems in humans and could lead to premature spoilage or otherwise impair products.

This particularly applies to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries but can also be applied within the medical and clinical arenas. Furthermore these products are perfect for anywhere both onshore and offshore where people work and live in close proximity. Examples include office blocks, factories, hotels, ships, elite sporting facilities and accommodation and workspace modules.

Micro-organisms are drawn into the air disinfection system where they are subjected to UV-C radiation which destroys up to 99.9% of them, depending on the dosage.

Air disinfection systems such as Air Com from Advanced Air Hygiene provide air hygiene to industries through UVC light
Air Stream is a highly effective air disinfection system that stops bacteria, mould, viruses and micro-organisms to build up in air conditioning systems through the use of UVC technology from Advanced Air Hygiene
Air Stream C air disinfection system designed to prevent health risks and food spoilage caused by the build up of microorganisms, visit Advanced Air Hygiene

Air Stream V
Air Tube
Air Tube C

Air Wetech
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