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Guaranteed Air Hygiene with the UV-C Disinfection Unit AirCom O2

The quality of air plays a decisive role in people’s well-being. The risk of infections caused by air contaminated with microbes is particularly high in closed rooms – for example offices, doctors’ waiting rooms, outpatient operations, laboratories, old people’s homes and nursing wards. Bacteria, viruses and mould spores spread rapidly via the air and can pose a threat to health – from feeling unwell to serious illness.

Insufficient Air Hygiene Leads to ill Health

Many people frequently complain about inexplicable problems and symptoms. Poor air hygiene can be a cause of this. Germs can also pose a risk to healthy people, especially in areas where there is a particularly high concentration of microorganisms in the air. Risk situations include crowded doctors’ waiting rooms and air conditioning systems that transport viruses and bacteria combined with windows that cannot be opened in offices, unventilated nursing wards and insufficient air hygiene conditions in laboratories. Patients with immune deficiencies or people who already suffer from allergies, asthma or cardiovascular complaints are particularly at risk.

AirCom O2: Efficient, UV-C based air disinfection

AirCom O2 is an attractively designed, space-saving air disinfection system that can be easily integrated into all kinds of premises as a mobile stand-alone or a wall-mounted system. The air contaminated with microorganisms is drawn into the unit by a fan, pre-filtered by a micro-filter and an active charcoal filter and then passed through UV-C emitters. This efficiently disinfects the air, frees it from smells and releases it again. Up to 99.9 % of micro-organisms are destroyed, greatly improving the quality of the air in the room. As the system is fully encapsulated, no radiation escapes outside. In a representative study*, scientists from the University of Montreal (Canada) proved that the disinfection of air in air conditioning systems leads to a 40 % reduction of respiratory problems, a 30 % reduction of mucous membrane e problems and a 50 % reduction of muscular aches.

* “The Lancet”, volume 362, pp. 1785 – 1791, 29. 11. 2003 – We would be pleased to provide excerpts from this study on request.

Fields of application for AirCom O2

The air disinfection unit AirCom O2 can be effectively deployed in many different areas – wherever people work closely together or where pathogens are found.

The risk of infection from germs is particularly great in offices and doctors’ waiting rooms, especially when colds are going around. AirCom O2 helps to greatly reduce the number of microorganisms and considerably improves air hygiene.

In laboratories and testing facilities where people work with microorganisms and their genes, but also with animals and plants, the air in the room must be kept as free from germs as possible for the health of the staff and also in order to carry out experiments.

AirCom O2 specifically helps to avoid infections and prevents the falsification of experiment results.

For outpatient operations and also in dental surgeries it is important to keep the air as germ-free as possible as micro-organisms can enter open wounds, causing serious complications. AirCom O2 specifically helps to prevent this and furthermore eliminates unwanted smells by producing air with a low germ count.

In old people’s homes, nursing homes and hospital wards old and sick people with weakened immune systems react particularly sensitively to contaminated air. AirCom O2 offers effective protection for these groups of people.

Airom02 tableAirCom02 Diagram

Research and development

As a specialist with many years of experience in air, water and surface disinfection, Advanced Air Hygiene has access to a research and development centre. Here, microbiologists, food technicians and HVAC engineers continuously work on improvements and innovations – naturally in constant consultation with customers and suppliers.

Planning and consultation

The Advanced Air Hygiene application specialists advise you and help you to plan your system in order to find the right solution. We can arrange measurements on site, through laboratory tests and feasibility studies right up to installation. As well as standard units such as AirCom O2, we offer customised disinfection solutions such as the integration of disinfection modules in existing or planned air conditioning systems.

Once the areas of your premises which are contaminated by microorganisms as well as the cause have been identified we will advise you of specific recommendations to solve the problem. All systems, units and components comply with the highest safety standards. Thorough checks, clear instructions and commissioning by our staff are a matter of course whenever customised solutions are installed. Our aim is to ensure that your investment pays off. This is why we look for further opportunities to reduce your costs and optimise processes – even after installation of the equipment. In the case of malfunctions, our service team will be there to assist you as quickly as possible.

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