AirStream C

AirStream C

Airstream C air disinfection system is designed to provide air disinfection in air conditioning systems for large rooms from Advanced Air Hygiene.

Air Disinfection System

The AirStream C air-conditioning module is a system solution for the effective disinfection of air in large rooms. As a self-contained module, it can be fitted e.g. under the room ceiling, in intermediate ceilings or on the wall. This enables air quantities of up to 50,000 m3/h to be disinfected economically.

Air as a transport medium

Microorganisms play an extremely important part in food production. Without them, products such as salami, quark, cheese, baked goods and much more wouldn’t exist. However, they are also the main cause of spoilage. Types of fungus that spread their spores easily via the air present a very large risk. Cross contamination between different storage and maturing areas is thus inevitable.  These same microorganisms can also affect people leading to high instances of illness amongst production workers, which can result in high cost to the employer due to absence.

AirStream C Diagram


An AirStream C module consists of a powerful fan that sucks air in. Filter systems clean the air before it is treated with UV-C in the radiation chamber. Integrated radiation traps ensure that no dangerous UV-C radiation escapes. The compact and modular construction enables easy and secure installation in your production rooms.

UV-C the most natural form of disinfection

The English researchers Downes and Blount discovered the anti-bacterial effect of light, or rather, UV-C radiation as early as 1877. Advanced Air Hygiene exploits these natural effects today. UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm changes the germs genetic blueprint and the cell dies. There is no need for chemical or thermal treatment. UV-C radiation produces no ozone. A special interior coating of the quartz glass ensures an exceptionally long service life with minimal decline in radioactive power. Depending on room air parameters and requirements, the disinfection rate can be as high as 99.9 %. That safe-guards your hygiene standards and therefore plays a key part in implementing the HACCP concepts in accordance with food hygiene regulations.

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