AirTube C

AirTube C

AirTube C air disinfection system from Advanced Air Hygiene is designed for small rooms in all types of applications.

The Advanced Air Hygiene AirTube C UV-C air disinfection unit has been developed specially for small rooms in a range of areas of application.

The unit is designed for ceiling installation. The actual positioning in each case is determined depending on the local conditions. A powerful fan draws in the air for disinfection, which is then treated with UV-C in the radiation chamber. Integrated radiation traps ensure that no UV-C radiation that is harmful to humans escapes. This means that the unit can also be used in areas frequented by people.

253.7 nm UV-C radiation is used to reduce the number of germs. This wavelength has a lethal effect on microorganisms, such as bacteria, moulds and yeasts. Low-pressure UV-C emitters serve to generate the short-wave UV-C radiation, which provides a high level of radiant efficiency. The primary radiation emitted yields a special line of almost exclusively 253.7 nm. A special interior coating ensures an exceptionally long service life with minimal decline in radioactive power. The lamp is optionally available with a Teflon coating for protection against splintering and cold. In dusty rooms the device is also available with an easily replaceable preliminary filter

AirTubeC Technical data

Advanced Air Hygiene AirTubeC Data Sheet pdf

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