AirWetech Large and AirWetech Small

AirWetech Small and Large for damp environments from Advanced Air Hygiene

The Advanced Air Hygiene AirWetech Large and Air Wetech Small systems have been developed especially for installation in damp environments. Both units work according to the same principle: a powerful fan routes room air through a filter into a UV-C radiation chamber. Here, UV-C emitters give out light with a wave-length of 253.7 nm. This wavelength has a lethal effect on all microorganisms, such as bacteria, moulds yeasts and viruses. The sophisticated construction with integrated air baffles, reflectors and functional check ensures high effectiveness and takes up little space. The UV-C emitters, which produce no ozone, are characterised by a particularly high service life and performance.

Two Systems One Solution

Both UV-C moisture-proof disinfection units are constructed according to the same principle and are differentiated solely in terms of performance. For the Small variant the tested nominal volume flow is 100 mė/h, whilst the higher power variant L has a nominal volume flow of 200 mė/h.

Data Colection

The Advanced Air Hygiene specialists collect the production parameters and calculate the performance and target specifications in conjunction with you. Microbiological measurements carried out by an independent laboratory confirm the excellent reduction of more than 99% of the test bacteria Bacillus subtilis.

Tailor made disinfection

High costs are incurred when producing and storing food due to production errors and produce spoil-age. High levels of air moisture, e.g. in cold rooms, stores and in the production of meat products, enhance these effects, or cause them in the first place. Advanced Air Hygiene’s tailor-made air disinfection improves air hygiene. This reduces storage costs, there are fewer product returns and the shelf life of your products is increased. An important step in the implementation of hygiene regulations in accordance with European hygiene laws and HACCP.

Wetech Technical data

  • Advanced Air Hygiene Wetech L&S Data Sheet pdf

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