Butchery and Meat

UV-C in the Butchery and Meat industry

The journey from field to fork is full of hygiene risks

Air Hygiene plays a key role in retaining the quality of meat and associated products as micro-organisms that cause spoilage are able to spread easily via the air, causing contamination. The disinfection systems from Advanced Air Hygiene provide an efficient remedy to this problem.

At the heart of these systems are UV-C emitters with a primary emission wavelength of 253.7nm. The particular advantage of these systems is that they produce no ozone. The anti-bacterial effect of this radiation has been known for a long time.

A few examples of typical problems and solutions can be found below.

Problem 1:

One of many hygiene problems: In a climatised room for raw meat such as lamb, beef and pork, coatings and mould often appear on the product surfaces. This leads to mycel formation and a musty, mouldy smell. The personnel costs and waste incurred for washing or trimming these meats can be extremely high.

Our Solution:

Installation of a UV-C disinfection unit specially designed for simple wall or ceiling mounting in small rooms, for example AirTube C and AirWetech , or AirStream C for larger rooms. These units have an integrated ventilator and work continuously around the clock. If an evaporator cooler is installed in the store room or cool room, our AirTube or AirStream V can also be deployed. The Compact lamp IP 65 can also be integrated directly in ripening facilities.

The result is virtually no more coating on the products and no formation of mould. This removes the need for chemical treatment of the products as well as saving money and being good for customers’ health.

UVC air hygiene for the butchery and meat industries includes air disinfection systems and more to prevent the build up of microorganisms which are the main reason for contamination causing food spoilage and health problems.

Riley Butchers – Case Study

UK trials for Advanced Air Hygiene’s pioneering UV-C air and surface disinfection systems are recording huge reductions in waste and increased quality for a renowned Lancashire Butcher, Riley Brothers.

Problem 2:

One of many hygiene problems: In slicing rooms in particular products are produced with a very large surface area that is susceptible to contamination by airborne microorganisms. Evaporator coolers contribute to this problem as they have huge lamella surfaces where condensate and dust particles with organic elements are deposited. These are a perfect breeding ground for micro-organisms.

Our Solution:

Consistent disinfection of the circulating air in all production areas with the stand-alone circulating air units AirStream C or AirTube C or as additional equipment for ventilation systems in the form of AirStream , and AirStream V for circulating air evaporators. A further application is surface disinfection with the SurTech system or an integrated solution with the Compact lamp IP 65.

Regular microbial measurements demonstrate the effectiveness of this hygiene concept. On condition that the cooling chain is maintained, the shelf life achieved by the products is outstanding.

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Please feel free to call the following butchers who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding the effectiveness and subsequent benefits of Advanced Air Hygiene range of UV-C systematic disinfection solutions:

Geoff Riley, – Riley Brothers, Q Guild Butcher, Rossendale. Telephone – 01706 215216

“It was obvious that the depth of trimming was significantly reduced and the meat looked and felt much better”

Allan Bennett Butchers, Q Guild Butcher, Wolverhampton.Telephone – 01902 842204

“I now have an extra 7 days from my Lambs when hanging. That means a lot to the business”

Gordon Atkinson, Elite Meats, Q Guild Butcher, Harrogate. Telephone – 01423 883194

“Far less blackening of the meat during the maturation “hanging” process. I would recommend this to all butchers.”

Robert Johnson, Brackley Butchers, Brackley, Northants Telephone – 01280 702237

Dear David, I thought I would let you know of more justification for the installation of the AAH UVc system in butcher’s cold rooms. This week our new refrigeration system stuck on it’s defrost cycle, inevitably the temperature within the room rose to about 21deg C. and was stuck in this position for at least 20 but possibly up to 30 hours before it was discovered. Normally in this situation we would have had to write off the complete stock which had a value of approximately £3,000. We had lamb, beef on the bone and pork in the room, the lamb and beef were in perfect condition and the pork in an almost perfect condition. We can only put this down to the UVc unit which prevented the meat from decay. I would recommend your systems to any butchers who may wish to extend the shelf life and quality of their products.

R F Kennedy Butchers, Holywell, N.Wales Telephone – 01352 712095

“The Advanced Air Hygiene system does everything it says on the tin. It is ideal for the maturation of beef resulting in minimal trim especially for expensive beef cuts on the bone.”

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