UV-C Technology in Dairy

UVC air hygiene for dairy industries from


In the production of milk and dairy products microorganisms in the air or on surfaces e.g. packaging material, can cause product contamination. High air humidity in production areas causes fungi to multiply on surfaces, for example the filters of air conditioning systems operated with recirculating air.

Moulds produce mycotoxins and spores that can be spread around the whole production area by an air conditioning system. This can lead to serious health risks for staff. Bacteriophages are a particular problem.

Our Solution:

Consistent disinfection of the circulating air in all production areas with the stand-alone circulating air units AirStream C or AirTube C or as additional equipment for ventilation systems in the form of AirStream , and AirStream V for circulating air evaporators.

A further application is surface disinfection with the SurTech system or an integrated solution with the Compact lamp IP 65 . The Compact lamp IP 65 is used successfully for the disinfection of pots and lids. However, it is also possible to fully equip a filling machine with UV-C technology.

Regular microbial measurements demonstrate the effectiveness of this hygiene concept. On condition that the cooling chain is maintained, the shelf life achieved by the products is outstanding.