UV-C Technology in the Health industry

Health: Sickness caused by viruses

Up to now the transmission of viruses causing sickness via air conditioning systems has been an unsolved problem. According to VDI 6022, the level of dust, bacteria, moulds and biological substances such as viruses in the air supplied to rooms may not exceed that of the outside air. Viruses are predestined to be transmitted to people and due to their small size can only be seen under an electronic microscope.

Even F7 filters are no use here as they are too coarsely meshed allowing viruses to pass through them. UV-C radiation is the only way to specifically inactivate viruses and prevent their transmission via circulating air in buildings.

Our Solution:

Installation of the AirStream UV-C disinfection unit in the ventilation system inactivates any viruses. If there is a rotary spray humidifier for humidifying the air we recommend the integration of a WasherProtec in the water circulation. In unventilated rooms we recommend the use of the disinfection unit AirCom O2. It goes without saying that all other micro-organisms such as bacteria and moulds that can cause illnesses are also destroyed.

Health: UV-C radiation reduces the level of employee illness

Even before publication of the “Lancet” study by scientists at Montreal University, Canada on 29.11.2003 it had been clearly proved that employee absence due to sickness caused by microbial and endotoxic contamination of ventilation and air conditioning systems can be drastically reduced by the integration of UV-C systems.

The study showed that UV-C radiation led to a 99% reduction in the concentration of microbes and endotoxins in the ventilation systems. Respiratory problems in the persons studied fell by 40% and mucus membrane problems were reduced by 30%. Complaints involving muscular aches fell by 50% in the non-smoking group.