Improves HVAC Efficiency

UV-C Technology and Improved HVAC efficiency

A problematic area: Air Handling Units

Air contaminated by bacteria, moulds, yeasts and viruses causes microbial build-up on the heat exchange plates, primary condensate drain pans and intermediate drain pans of the cooling coils and eliminator sections in air handling units. This problem also affects the system ductwork, resulting in increased resistance to air flow and a loss in thermal efficiency.

The Advanced Air Hygiene solution

UV-C air hygiene solutions from Advanced Air Hygiene reduce microbial contamination by up to 99% on a continual basis. More information can be found on the UV-C Technology page

HVAC Advantages of UV-C preventing microbial build up

  • Improves Heat Transfer
  • Reduced Compressor run time
  • Reduced Compressor mainteneance
  • Compressor life increased
  • HVAC system life increased
  • Net cooling capacity improved
  • Thermal comfort increased

The following benefits can also be realised:

  • Lower density filters can be used
  • Between a 10-20% reduction in energy consumption
  • Can go for years without cleaning coils, drain pans & ductwork, which can be a significant cost saving.

By eliminating the need for manual cleaning of the coil, which is largely ineffective, the likelihood of structurally weak components being damaged during this process will also be prevented.

Furthermore the use of disinfectants and sanitizers in HVAC systems could potentially be dangerous for workers, which has been highlighted by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Our products

Advanced Air Hygiene offers an extensive range of products for UV-C based disinfection of air & surfaces which can either be set up as stand-alone solutions or customised for simple integration into existing or planned air handling systems.


We currently work within the following industries and many others:

UV-C the most natural form of disinfection

Disinfection systems from Advanced Air Hygiene work on a purely physical basis. They ensure effective and continuous disinfection. This dispenses with the need for chemical cleaners that harm the environment saves operators additional cleaning costs.

Service and maintenance

Our disinfection systems are extremely low maintenance. As the effect of the UV-C emitters decreases towards the end of their service life, Advanced Air Hygiene will be pleased to attend to their replacement to ensure constant, optimal disinfection.