Improve Shelf Food Life

UV-C Technology will Improve Shelf Food Life

Improve shelf food life through air hygiene solutions from Advanced Air Hygiene

A problematic area: food production and storage

Air contaminated by bacteria, moulds, yeasts and viruses causes premature product spoilage.

The Advanced Air Hygiene solution

UV-C air hygiene solutions from Advanced Air Hygiene reduce microbial contamination by up to 99 %. More information can be found on the UV-C Technology page

Advantages of UV-C Technology to the food industy

  • – Extended shelf life
  • – Customer complaints are reduced
  • – Fewer product returns
  • – Improved freshness
  • – Contributes to HACCP and improves hygiene standards
  • – Quality assurance
  • – Fewer product losses – more profit!

UV-C the most natural form of disinfection

Disinfection systems from Advanced Air Hygiene work on a purely physical basis. They ensure effective and continuous disinfection. This dispenses with the need for chemical cleaners that harm the environment saves operators additional cleaning costs.

Service and maintenance

Our disinfection systems are extremely low maintenance. As the effect of the UV-C emitters decreases towards the end of their service life, Advanced Air Hygiene will be pleased to attend to their replacement to ensure constant, optimal disinfection.


Advanced Air Hygiene provides a range of UV-C based products to help Improve Shelf Life of raw materials and fresh food in production, storage and transport. We currently work within the following industries and many others :


Our products

Advanced Air Hygiene offers an extensive range of products for UV-C based disinfection of air, water surfaces, packaging or product, which can either be set up as stand-alone solutions or customised for simple integration into existing or planned air handling systems.

Air Tube
Air Tube C
Air Stream C
Air Stream V

Air Coat
Air Wetech
Compact Luminaire


View our Product Decontamination Tunnel:

UVC Tunnel
Product Decontamination Tunnel