UV-C Technology in the Bakery industry

UV-C air hygiene for baking industries from Advanced Air Hygiene


One of many hygiene problems: In cooling and packaging rooms baked products risk being contaminated with micro-organisms. The same applies to cooling towers where freshly baked products are slowly cooled down.

Our Solution:

Installation of UV-C disinfection systems in the ventilation cycle, e.g. AirStream in spiral coolers or in the central ventilation shaft. In this way the production and packaging areas are always effectively supplied with disinfected air e.g. via source outlets.

Stand-alone recirculating air units such as AirStream C or AirTube C are further possible solutions. Where circulation evaporators are in use AirStream V is the right choice. In addition, AirCoat can turn conveyor belts into hygiene islands. The Compact lamp IP 65 and our surface disinfection equipment achieve good results for dough-rising trays.

The result: microbial contamination is reduced to virtually zero, the products remain fresh, reliably comply with and often exceed the shelf life and there are no more complaints or returns.

In addition to this using our product decontamination tunnels as close to the product packing stage of the process will improve the product shelf life further by destroying many of the microorganisms that are already on the surface of the food.