IP 65 UV-C Compact Lamp

IP 65 UV-C Compact Lamp

IP 65 UV-C Compact Lamp

Advanced Air Hygienes IP 65 UV-C compact lamp provides a particularly high degree of protection against dust and water. The use of UV-C compact emitters also allows excellent disinfection effects to be achieved, even within confined spaces. 253.7 nm UV-C radiation is used to reduce the number of germs. This wavelength has a lethal effect on microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds yeasts and viruses. Low-pressure UV-C emitters that produce no ozone serve to generate the short-wave UV-C radiation, which provides a high level of radiant efficiency. A special interior coating of the quartz glass ensures an exceptionally long service life with minimal decline in radiative power.

A special feature of this emitter is its coating with a protective Teflon film. If the glass breaks, the coating prevents splinters from falling onto the material underneath the emitter, or from entering the flow of air. The protective covering, which is cast in a ceramic holder, also provides protection against splashes and jets of water, thereby achieving compliance with protection class IP 65. The Teflon coating also has a thermal insulation effect, thus preventing a reduction in the radiant power when the lamp is used in cold conditions.

Delivery Scope

Conveyor belts, Equipment, Dough rising Surfaces.

IP 65 UV-C Compact Lamp Technical data

  • Advanced Air Hygiene IP65 Compact Emmiter Data Sheet pdf

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