Kittech exhaust air purification system from Advanced Air Hygiene

Kittech complies with legal requirements in an exemplary way. The Federal Emission Control Act (BlmSchG) is being applied with increasing strictness by authorities. For example, restaurants, snack bars, can-teens or similar enterprises that are located in residential or mixed areas and produce emissions that are very greasy and have a strong smell can be closed by the building authorities. In work processes where fats are heated or where food is roasted, cooked or fried, air very polluted with grease is produced that can have a strong and unpleasant smell. These offensive smells as defined by law can have a negative effect on the environment in the form of air pollution and can cause the authorities to intervene.

KitTech puts a stop to grease residue and strong smells. As a specialist with many years experience in UV-C based air, water and surface disinfection. Kit-Tech is a UV-C ozone purification system that ensures that exhaust air is consistently purified, greatly reduces maintenance and cleaning costs and considerably minimises the risk of fire thanks to the absence of grease. KitTech is the perfect addition to existing exhaust air extractors for restaurants, canteens, snack bars, fast food establishments and companies that produce food.

KitTech uses UV-C radiation to eliminate up to 99% of grease and 90% of odours. The contaminated air is irradiated inside KitTech with UV-C ozone lamps. This triggers photolytic oxidation, which “cold burns” and destroys organic substances such as fats and odours. All residue produced in this process is 100% biodegradable and exits from the system with the waste air stream – fat-free and with reduced odour. The ozone produced in the KitTech moreover enables permanent regeneration of the integrated active charcoal filter/catalyst. This means that there is no need to regularly replace the filter (which would be expensive), or to clean the system using chemicals.

The new generation of UV-C technology that KitTech represents also offers exemplary fire protection. With a useful service life of 10,000 hours, KitTech prevents grease residue from accumulating in the exhaust air system and causing fires. This is because the more grease residue accumulates, the greater the risk of fire. KitTech is simple to install or to integrate in existing exhaust air systems. KitTech complies with the DIN standard 18869-7.

The Advantages at a glance…

  • Meets legal requirements in an exemplary manner
  • Destroys up to 99% of grease with UV-C radiation
  • Eliminates up to 90% of smells with UV-C radiation
  • Greatly reduces the risk of fire
  • Minimises maintenance and cleaning costs
  • Extends the service life of all technical components of the air extraction system
  • Straightforward to integrate in planned and existing air extraction systems
  • Advanced Air Hygiene KitTech Data Sheet pdf

Download our KitTech pdf Leaflet