Moisture Proof Luminaire

UV-C Moisture Proof Luminaire

UV-C Moisture Proof Luminaire prevents bacteria from building up and causing health problems through UV-C radiation from Advanced Air Hygiene

The UV-C moisture-proof fixture, which complies with protection class IP 65, has been specially developed for use in particularly damp and dusty environments. 253.7 nm UV-C radiation is used to reduce the number of germs. This wavelength has a lethal effect on microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds yeasts and viruses.

Low-pressure UV-C emitters that produce no ozone serve to generate the short-wave UV-C radiation, which provides a high level of radiant efficiency. A special interior coating of the quartz glass ensures an exceptionally long service life with minimal decline in radiative power.

Delivery Scope

Conveyor belts, Equipment, Dough rising Surfaces.

UV-C Moisture Proof Luminaire DiagramUV-C Moisture Proof Luminaire Technical data

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