Advanced Air Hygiene offers an extensive product range for air, surface and water disinfection. Pictures of the products, technical descriptions and recommended areas of application can be found under the respective product.


Air Disinfection Systems

Air disinfection systems are deployed where there is a risk of contamination by airborne micro-organisms such as germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses. These can trigger health problems in humans and could lead to premature spoilage or otherwise impair products.

This particularly applies to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries but can also be applied within the medical and clinical arenas. Furthermore these products are perfect for anywhere both onshore and offshore where people work and live in close proximity. Examples include office blocks, factories, hotels, ships, elite sporting facilities and accommodation and workspace modules.

Micro-organisms are drawn into the system where they subjected to UV-C radiation which destroys up to 99.9% of them, depending on the dosage.


Air Wetechs
air coat


Surface Disinfection Systems

Surface disinfection systems are deployed in the food industry in order to disinfect equipment such as conveyor and deboning belts, filling machines, dough rising surfaces, foil and plastic lids.

The existence of micro-organisms on equipment is usually an unavoidable fact, and when they come into contact with foodstuffs, this can often greatly reduce the shelf life of the products.

In addition to this, micro-organisms can present a health risk. Equipment surfaces are intensively radiated with UV-C and depending on the dosage up to 99.9% of micro-organisms can be destroyed.

compact luminaire
Moisture Proof Luminaire

Knife Sterilisers
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UVC Tunnel

Exhaust Air Purification Systems

Various problems can arise where exhaust air contains grease or odours. Fat deposits can accumulate in the walls of pipes and create a hygiene problem as well as presenting a fire risk. Exhaust air containing grease can also exit outside and cause pollution problems in the immediate surroundings.

Odours are a further problem for which there have barely been any technical solutions to date. Although KitTech is not able to fully eliminate odours, it can at least perceptibly reduce them. In conjunction with active charcoal filters (that only serve as catalysts and therefore have a long service life) greater odour reduction is achieved.



Water Disinfection

Although water-conducting and wet equipment parts such as dehumidifiers and rotary spray humidifiers in air conditioning equipment should be regularly serviced in accordance with VDI standard 6022, mould spores, bacteria and viruses still form. Millions of germs are released and can present a considerable health risk to humans.

UV-C disinfection systems installed at the neuralgic points of an air conditioning system can effectively and continuously disinfect the water and also the fresh and circulating air in the ventilation shaft. The rate of disinfection is up to 99.9%, depending on the UV-C dosage.

Rotary Spray Humidifiers


Power Check

The PowerCheck is an instrument that measures UV-C intensity. It serves to evaluate and display the measuring and operating data of a UV-C module. A UV sensor in the UV-C chamber enables the intensity values of all emitters to be measured.

The Power Check has a chip card reader as a storage medium which continuously archives all intensity values. The data is displayed via LEDs. All data can be transferred to a PC via a bus system. Several UV-C systems can be diagnosed and monitored at the same time.

Power Check