Product Decontamination Tunnel

Product Decontamination Tunnel

UVC decontamination Tunnel for food industries from Advanced Air Hygiene

The type of benefits a customer could expect to experience from using our tunnels include:

  • Improved product shelf life
  • Reduced waste for the manufacture-er, retailer and end user
  • Reduced cross-contamination and improved quality
  • Products retain freshness and appearance for longer
  • Reduced customer complaints
  • Reduction in the need to use preservatives, additives, heat treatment and chemicals

After recently working with one of the UK’s leading bakeries, they experienced a sustained 3 day improvement in the shelf life of their bread products from using one of our decontamination tunnels. Trials have also yielded very positive results for decontaminating fruit and vegetables such as strawberries, blackberries, carrots and potatoes.

Food disinfection using UV-C is a technolo-gy approved by the US Centre for Disease Control, The UK Food Standards Agency, The US Food & Drug Administration Agen-cy and the Soil Association in direct re-sponse to increasing concerns regarding food-borne diseases, high food losses from infestation, contamination and spoilage and the growing international trade in food products.

As a result there are no labelling require-ments for food disinfected using UV-C.

In partnership with one of the UK’s leading food industry engineering companies we are leaders in the development of product decontami-nation tunnels using the germicidal effect of UV-C.

In today’s challenging economic envi-ronment the potential to increase the shelf life of perishable items such as bakery or fruit and vegetable products represents a great opportunity for
manufacturers and processors to reduce waste, save money and gain a competitive advantage.

Working in conjunction with our UV-C air disinfection products we provide bespoke product decontamination tunnels used as a last step to remove micro-organisms from products just prior to packing. Each tunnel is built to suit individual customer requirements.