Power Check Prod

Power Check

Power Check Prod measures UVC data, from Advanced Air Hygiene

This new development serves to analyse and display the measuring and operating data of a UVc module.


A UVc sensor in the UVc chamber enables the intensity values of all emitters to be measured. The sensor sends the data received to a measuring module where the data is processed and stored. The measuring module is in turn connected to a display module which displays the measurement results.

The device has a chip card reader in the measuring module that serves as a storage medium. The intensity values are continuously archived here.

Simple Checking

The data is displayed on the display module with the help of four light emitting diodes. Three of these diodes signal the radiation intensity ranges. The fourth diode indicates any faults that occur.

Optional PC Annalysis

A bus system can serve as a link for data transfer and monitoring via PC. Several measuring modules with different addresses (locations of the disinfection modules) can also be connected to this and selectively read out by the diagnostic unit. These values can be automatically displayed every 20 seconds on the PC.

Delivery Scope

Power supply unit 240 V AC / 110 V AC, Data cable RS 485 configuration, Sensor, Measuring module, Display module

Power Check

  • Power Check

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