Riley Butchers

Riley Butchers

UV-C air disinfection systems for food industries such as Riley butchers to stop contamination and food spoilage from Advanced Air Hygiene.

UK trials for Advanced Air Hygiene’s pioneering UV-C air and surface disinfection systems are recording huge reductions in waste and increased quality for a renowned Lancashire Butcher, Riley Brothers.

Advanced Air Hygiene recently launched its ground breaking range of UV-C air and surface disinfection systems to the food industry in the UK.

Advanced Air Hygiene is currently trialling the product in the UK. Riley’s is a family business established over 150 years ago and operates two butcher’s shops in Lancashire as well as the farm where the beef and lamb are reared and the abattoir in which they are slaughtered, and as such the Butchers are able to trace their produce “from field to fork’.

The UV-C disinfection system was applied to the cold store room used to mature beef at Riley’s Butcher’s in Crawshawbooth, near Rossendale and test results have reported a staggering 10 to 15% reduction in waste, meaning huge cost savings to the business and more money on the bottom line.

Geoff Riley, proprietor of the Butcher’s shop admits he was amazed by the results achieved by the Advanced Air Hygiene UV-C air disinfection system:

“As a Master Butcher with over 20 years experience in the business, I regarded the level of trimming waste that occurred during the meat maturing process as a problem the industry would just have to endure. I was very sceptical about what the UV-C disinfection system would achieve, but having witnessed the results for myself I’ve had to eat my own words!”

Testing was carried out over a two month period and Advanced Air Hygiene’s UV-C disinfection system totally eradicated mould from the fat layers contained in the meat and reduced blackening caused by natural oxidisation throughout the maturing process.

This resulted in a reduction of trimming waste by up to 15%. In addition the Butcher was able to mature its meat for a week longer giving more quality and intensity to the flavour of the meat.

The reduction in waste and increased quality brought about by Advanced Air Hygiene’s UV-C disinfection system holds huge benefits for businesses in the meat industry as Geoff Riley explains:

“After a certain period in the maturing process the meat starts to develop a sour taste, meaning it has to be thrown away. The UV-C system removed this problem completely and has allowed us to mature our meat for longer, improving the taste.’

As we can track all our meat throughout the production process, I know that the improvement in taste is due to this new system. I even tested it using meat that was slaughtered the same day and compared it using a different cold store. The difference was clearly visible after 15 days.

“Trimming waste has been significantly reduced meaning profitability is up and the greater taste afforded by the extra maturing time has resulted in very positive feedback from customers – you won’t get better meat anywhere else.’

“I’d certainly recommend Advanced Air Hygiene’s UV-C disinfection system for the meat industry. I plan to keep using it in my cold store room. We are currently piloting the system in our abattoir and are hoping for further positive results in the coming weeks.’

The Advanced Air Hygiene’s UV-C air and surface disinfection systems work using UV-C radiation, a natural component of sunlight with recognised anti-bacterial properties. A wavelength of 253.7nm triggers changes in the genetic material of micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, moulds, yeasts and viruses, resulting in disinfection rates as high as 99.9%.

David Whittingham, Managing Director for Advanced Air Hygiene comments: “Our UV-C disinfection system is proven to improve shelf life and product quality and provides a completely safe and environmentally friendly solution for hygiene sensitive businesses.’

“Early trials in the UK, such as those of Riley Brothers, confirm what our extensive experience in Europe has shown and we are delighted with the results.’

“We offer a complete service from the initial free consultation, with on-site air analysis, system installation and an ongoing maintenance program. The systems are cost effective and are easily accessible to the smaller food business owner or retailer.