Surtech surface disinfection systems from Advanced Air Hygiene

UV-C Radiation Cassette

The SurTech UV-C radiation cassette has been specially developed for the food industry. The contamination of equipment such as conveyor belts and cutting belts with micro-organisms during the work process is often unavoidable. When they come into contact with food these micro-organisms often reduce the shelf life of the products, or they can even represent a health risk.

Surface disinfection by means of intensive UV-C radiation greatly reduces the risk and actively contributes to ensuring good hygiene. UV-C radiation on a wavelength of 253.7 nm is used to reduce the number of germs. This wavelength has a lethal effect on micro-organisms, such as bacteria, moulds and yeasts. The sys-tem can achieve a disinfection rate of up to 99.9 %, depending on the dose. Special low-pressure UV-C emitters serve to generate the short-wave UV-C radiation, which provides a high level of radiant efficiency. This physical process achieves optimum disinfection without using chemicals.

The positioning of the UV-C radiation cassette in each case is deter-mined depending on the local conditions. Thanks to the breakage detector, the cassettes can be safely opera-ted on the production line. A mounting frame provides for simple installation of the radiation cassettes under the conveyor belts. However, the compact design also enables the cassettes to be fitted in packaging, filling and sealing machines. (The packaging material thus achieves a degree of purification that complies with the classification “pack-aging with a low microbial count”.)

Depending on the customer’s requirements, a module of this type can be set up for disinfection rates of up to 99.9%. This guarantees optimum production or storage parameters for all areas of use.

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UV-C radiation cassette, Mounting Frame, Supply Unit.

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