Advanced Oxidation

Advanced Oxidation

What is Advanced Oxidation?

We have a range of “stand alone” purification equipment’s by heterogeneous photo-catalysis specially designed for applications in the food industry.

Entirely made of food grade stainless steel, incorporating the latest technology for advanced heterogeneous photo-catalysis, RCI™, is the result of important scientific advances and research, developed in cooperation institutions partnering with NASA, and is the only air & surface purification company awarded with the Space Foundation “Certified Space Technology” seal.

DuctStation units, with RCI™ technology, are particularly suitable for applications in the food and perishable products, eliminating up to 99% of issues, risks and biological threats caused by:

Fungus (Botrytis cinerea, Penicillium sp, Rhizopus, Monilinia fructicola, etc.)

Bacteria (Pseudomonas alcaligenes, Pseudomonas aureuginosa, Listeria monocytogenes, Micrococcus, Streptococcus, Sarcina, Leuconostoc, Lactobacillus, Proteus, lavobacterium, etc.)



Ethylene gas and other VOCs (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, skatole, indole, urea, etc.)





Microbes, germs and pathogens


The technology. Heterogeneous photo-catalysis

This technology is based on active principles of the power of light on the noble metals catalyst, which accelerate the reaction process with water and the relative humidity, resulting in oxygen and hydrogen based active substances, such as hydro peroxides – H2O2 – totally ecologic and natural, capable of destroying potent chemicals, micro-organisms, mold, fungi, bacteria and deactivating virus in ambiances and surfaces, thereby providing significant benefits and savings for the food industry.

Recent studies at the University of Zaragoza (Spain´s top University in Food Engineering and Veterinary Applications), demonstrate the effectiveness of our RCI™ photo- catalytic units, and validate their:

Antimicrobial effect in the environment, on surfaces and products, without altering their organoleptic properties

Influence on the fruit maturation process, thus prolonging the life of perishable products and eliminating the risk of contamination and the spread of germs during food processing

Effectiveness of the photo-catalytic system in reducing the concentration of ethylene (C2H4)

Effectiveness in maintaining the atmosphere purified with a very low concentration of microorganisms in cold storage, ripening and processing facilities

Brings added value to your company and your product

The increasing number of restrictions that must be met by the food industries, in terms of quality and safety standards, due to growing concerns about the exposure of products to bacteria and germs in the food processing industries, forces companies to have cleaner and safer environments.

In particular, the meat industry faces problems everyday with hygiene, health, safety, and trade restrictions, having to face more frequent and stricter controls by government and health authorities.

This technology is particularly suitable for the food industry, and designed to create clean environments in handling, processing and food storage rooms, so, at the time of handling, storage or packaging, the product is not compromised by bacterial concentrations, fungi and other pathogens. With the application of this technology, CFUs concentrations -Colony Forming Units- are drastically reduced – bacteria (e.g. E-coli, Salmonella,

Listeria, etc.), Fungi, mold spores (e.g. Penicillium), yeasts and coliforms.

Key Advantages

The installation of  RCI™ photo-catalytic units allows food industry companies to improve their quality management system, food safety, environment and prevention, ensuring food quality and safety of their product, with less impact on the environment and the health and safety of their employees.

RCI™ technology prevents other cumbersome and expensive methods of disinfection and prevention involving the use of chemicals and the spraying of biocides for disinfection of environments in areas considered critical in the production process of the food industry. With RCI™ there is:

No need to stop the production process for disinfection. The disinfection is done continuously without stopping production

No risk of worker exposure to chemicals

No safety periods, nor evacuation of areas

No hazardous aerosol waste is generated

No costs for chemicals and no need to store hazardous compounds

Staff presence in areas with RCI™ system, because of its safety

Low installation and maintenance costs, without replenishment of product. It is only necessary to replace the RCI™ cells every 2 years (or two seasons)

Key Benefits

Extends product life. Reduces weight loss, incidents and damages to the product

Reduces and eliminates the microbial load, removing pathogens which can be harmful to the product and / or human health. Achieves dramatic reductions in counts of bacteria, fungi, molds, yeasts and total coliforms

Removal of Ethylene and other volatile organic compounds and odors

Applied in cold room storage, RCI™ technology purifies the indoor environment by preventing the development and proliferation of microorganisms in the air and on surfaces

Installed in transport vehicles and containers for shipping fresh products, this technology allows the concerned products to maintain their quality and freshness, reducing the number of incidents and spoilage

In animal breeding farms, it reduces preventive drug and antibiotics costs

Active technology, not passive. It can reach all the cracks in a room including remote and difficult to reach areas

IceZone®-X Sanitation System

IceZone®-X Sanitation System

IZ-X-20 Shown installed on ice machines


The IceZone®-X Sanitation System :

– Prevents slime and mold

– Keeps Ice Machines, Ice Bins and Beverage Dispensers clean

– Reduce equipment cleaning and associated costs

– Reduce bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms

– Decrease technical malfunctions and equipment downtime

– Completely automated and chemical free

– Maintenance free – requires a simple annual UV lamp replacement

Compatible with all Major Ice Machine Manufacturers including:

– Follett

– Hoshizaki

– Ice-O-Matic

– Manitowoc

– Scotsman

(new and retrofit installations of ice machine and ice bins)


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Advanced Oxidation

What is Advanced Oxidation? We have a range of “stand alone” purification equipment’s by heterogeneous photo-catalysis specially designed for applications in the food industry. Entirely


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