UV-C in the Butchery and Meat industry

The journey from field to fork is full of hygiene risks. Advanced Air Hygiene plays a key role in retaining the quality of meat and associated products as micro-organisms that cause spoilage are able to spread easily via the air, causing contamination. The disinfection systems from Advanced Air Hygiene provide an efficient remedy to this problem.

Dry Aging and meat maturation and storage is drastically improved when using UV-C systems.


With many Butchers it is important to mature Prime Cuts of Beef to develop the taste and tenderness. There are several methods employed to do this, the most popular is Dry Aging.

The most common Aging period is 21 to 28 days, but many Chefs ask the Butcher to Age for much longer periods. Aging can affect the product in various ways. The positive result is that the cut is tastier and more tender. The negatives are weight loss and an increase in the depth of the sticky bacteria which develops on the ends of the Rib. The combination of the weight loss (due to low humidity) and the increase in the depth of the trimming results in either a loss of profit or an inflated selling price.


UVc is dangerous when exposed to the naked eye. Advanced Air Hygiene have developed a UVc unit called the AirKlean S. It is designed to operate in all sizes of Cold Storage Rooms.

The UVc Emitters are totally enclosed within the unit and the Emitters do not produce Ozone. The AirKlean S will stop the development of the end of Rib bacteria and it will stop the development of Moulds and other Bacterium within the Cold Room and on the Beef Carcass. The result is such that there is minimum trimming even after 45 to 60 days maturation.

Air Duct

For installation in air-conditioning and ventilation systems.


Food Processing, Oil + Gas, Pharma and Hospitals


To be installed into existing or new Ventilation systems

Air Duct Pack

Solution for the effective disinfection of air in large un- cooled rooms.


Food Processing, Large Pharma, Bakeries, Fruit Storage


Fixed to existing ceilings c/w Fabric Air Distribution sock

Air Klean HD

Large Fan Cooler disinfection. Perfect for for large food production.


Food Processing Fruit + Veg Storage Bakeries, Large Butchers Storage and Maturation.


Installed on the discharge face of existing large coolers

AirKlean 1000

AirKlean 1000 Tube UV-C air disinfection unit has been specially developed for rooms with High Ceilings and large Fan Coolers.


Food Processing, Meat Maturation and storage. Fruit and Veg Storage.


To be installed into Cold Rooms with ceilings over 3.5m, positioned in front of existing coolers.

AirKlean S

AirKlean S UV-C air disinfection unit has been developed specially for small rooms in a range of areas of application.


Food Processing, Meat Maturation and storage. Fruit and Veg Storage.


Fixed to cold room ceilings or walls in line with the cooler air flow. Ideal for cold rooms with ceiling heights of less than 3.5m.

Mobile UVc Hood

Protective dis-infection for conveyor belts in the baking and food proccessing industries.


Food Processing Pharmacutical and Bakery


Mobile Hood to be installed over existing conveyor belts by simplely adjusting the frame height and then sliding to Hood into position over the belt

Industrial Sterilisers

UV-C knife sterilisers with built-in timer. At 253.7nm the UV-C light destroys up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria etc.


Meat Processing and boning rooms


5 knife to 60 knife UVc and Ozone Systems. Wall fixed or standing frame.

Benefits of using AA Hygiene

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to tell you that the three Clean Air systems have been running now for 6 weeks and the difference is outstanding .The dry ageing process has improved all aspects of the species hanging Beef, Lamb, Pork and Venison .The bloom on all these products has improved just like you said it would. They have been without doubt a great purchase for the business with maturation and presentation looking fantastic which in turn leads to great eating quality. Thanks Again James
James Heggie
Heggies of Hereford

Pork And Lamb

The AirKlean S will delay the formation of “slime” on Pork Carcass’s by 5 to 7 days. Thus, allowing the Butcher to take advantage of bulk purchases and to react to seasonal peaks.

Many of our clients have benefited from an extended shelf life of their Lamb and Mutton Carcasses and many report an improvement in the colour of the product when presented for sale.

Installation of a UV-C disinfection unit specially designed for simple wall or ceiling mounting in small rooms, for example AirKlean S and AirKlean1000 or AirKlean DF for larger rooms. These units have an integrated ventilator and work continuously around the clock. If a Fan  Cooler is installed in the store room or cold room, our AirKlean 1000 or AirKlean D can also be deployed. The Compact lamp IP 65 can also be integrated directly in ripening facilities.

Regular microbial measurements demonstrate the effectiveness of this hygiene concept. On condition that the cooling chain is maintained, the shelf life achieved by the products is outstanding.