UV-C in Food Production

The journey from field to fork is full of hygiene risks. Air Hygiene plays a key role in retaining the quality of meat, fish, and associated products as microorganisms that cause spoilage are able to spread easily via the air, causing contamination. The disinfection systems from Advanced Air Hygiene provide an efficient remedy to this problem.


One of many hygiene problems: In a climatised room for raw meat such as lamb, beef and pork, coatings and mould often appear on the product surfaces. This leads to mycel formation and a musty, mouldy smell. The personnel costs and waste incurred for washing or trimming these meats can be extremely high.


Installation of a UV-C disinfection unit specially designed for simple wall or ceiling mounting in small rooms, for example AirTube C and AirWetech, or AirStream C for larger rooms.

These units have an integrated ventilator and work continuously around the clock. If an evaporator cooler is installed in the store room or cool room, our AirTube or AirStream V can also be deployed. The Compact lamp IP 65 can also be integrated directly in ripening facilities.

The result is virtually no more coating on the products and no formation of mould. This removes the need for chemical treatment of the products as well as saving money and being good for customers’ health.