Please feel free to call the following butchers who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding the effectiveness and subsequent benefits of Advanced Air Hygiene range of UV-C systematic disinfection solutions.

"It was obvious that the depth of trimming was significantly reduced and the meat looked and felt much better"
Geoff Riley - Riley Brothers, Q Guild Butchers, Rossendale.
Telephone - 01706 215216
"I now have an extra 7 days from my Lambs when hanging. That means a lot to the business"
Allan Bennett Butch, Q Guild Butchers, Wolverhampton.
Telephone - 01902 842204
"Far less blackening of the meat during the maturation 'hanging' process. I would recommend this to all butchers."
Gordon Atkinson, Elite Meats, Q Guild Butchers, Harrogate.
Telephone - 01423 883194
"A lot less mould on beef during maturation significantly reducing the amount of trim. Given the high price of beef at the moment this is a big saving for my business."
Steve Airey, Aireys Farm Shop & Abattoir, Grange-Over-Sands, Lake District.
Telephone - 01539 531237
"Dear David. I thought I would let you know of more justification for the installation of the AAH UVc system in butchers cold rooms. This week our new refrigeration system stuck on its defrost cycle, inevitably the temperature within the room rose to about 21 deg C. and was stuck in this position for at least 20 but possibly up to 30 hours before it was discovered. Normally in this situation we would have bad to write off the complete stock which had a value of approximately £3.000. We had lamb. beef on the bone and pork in the room, the lamb and beef were in perfect condition and the pork in an almost perfect condition. We can only put this down to the UVc unit which prevented the meat from decay. I would recommend your systems to any butchers who may wish to extend the shelf life and quality of their products."
Robert Johnson, Brackley Butchers, Brackley, Northants.
Telephone - 01280 702237
"The Advanced Air Hygiene system does everything it says on the tin. It is ideal for the maturation of beef resulting in minimal trim especially for the expensive beef cuts on the bone."
R F Kennedy Butchers, Holywell, N.Wales.
Telephone - 01352 712095
"I have been trying to improve the condition of our hanging beef for some time now, but since having the system fitted the results have been fantastic. I've drastically cut down on trimming and we are now achieving the crust on the surface we have been aiming for; its also been great for my lamb. Highly recommend it to anyone considering having it installed."
Daniel Heanen, HG Walter, South-East Head of Q-Guild. Barons Court. London.
Telephone - 0207 385 6466
"I would just like to say how satisfied Whittakers Butchers Ltd is on the Advanced Air Hygiene system. We always hang our hind quarters for a minimum of 21 days. recently we have been selling sirloins, rump & fillet steaks that have been hanging for 38 days with very little trimming needed. Whittakers have an advert running in Wednesdays 5/5/2013 Lancashire Evening Telegraph promoting Sirloin steaks that have been hanging for 50 days. I am sure this could be increased to 60+ days all thanks to the Advanced Air Hygiene system. Must admit I was slightly sceptical to begin with but couldn't see us being without it."
Malcolm Marsden, Whittakers Butchers, Blackburn.
Telephone - 01254 669137
"I am very happy with the UVC equipment supplied by Advanced Air Hygiene Ltd. My beef is perfect and we are saving a lot by the reduction in trimmings. I am also using the equipment in our pork curing fridge. The product stays free from mould during the curing process."
Andrew Weatherhead. Weatherhead Butchers Pateley Bridge Yorkshire
Telephone - 01423 711207